Adventure in Spain with Lia!

Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor

summer a very dear friend came from Brazil to visit me, it was her
first time in Spain and we decided to go on a
 trip  by train just like old times.
Lia used to be my room-mate long time
ago when both of us were trying to have our university degrees at
USC in Bauru/São Paulo. We shared a lot of great times,  good
memories…….. Lia for me is like an
angel she is always around when I most need and last summer she
came once more to save me from the unhappy life I was living. I
just have to say : ¨thank you my dearest  Lia to be my special
and wonderful friend.¨
I don´t need words to
express… I don´t need tears to shed… I don´t need to ask for a
smile… or a hand to hold me… All I need is to be your friend,
forever!     Hard times don´t last forever, but
true friendships do…… I´ll always be there, for anything you
need…. Even if is just someone to listen.

trip started in Madrid, after Barcelona, Gerona, Andorra( border with Spain) and
finished where I used to live before Valencia. It was awesome! As we have
so many pictures I choose a few and today I ´ll start with Madrid.
Madrid the cosmopolitan capital
of Spain
is a vibrant metropolis with much to see and
experience. It is a city of great monuments and very interesting

Madrid Atocha train station

Madrid Atocha train


Madrid Atocha train station Madrid Atocha train



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